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Product Support

Find utilities, manuals, faq's and upgrades that are just right for you and your player.
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Flash Model Players:
FY 200 FY 400 FY 500 FY 600 FY 700    
FL 300/350 FL400 FL500        
FG 100 FG 200 MG 100        

FL 100 FY 800          
DMK FD 100 FL 200 FY 100      
Hard Driver & PMP (Portable Multimedia Player) Model Players:
HD 200 HD 300 Mpio Solid HX-100      
Other Model Players Under MPIO Brand:
IMP-90 555 AUDIO FE100        
MB 100 MB 200 IB 200        
Hard Disk Storage Units:
HS 100 HS 200          

Please use our online tools to diagnose any problems you may be having. If the issue cannot be resolved, you can always contact us to get an RMA number. If you already sent us the product, you can check the status of your return or repair as well.
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Programs and Tools
If you don't have these programs already, you're not too late! These free software programs will help you get the most out of your music collection, your MPIO player, and your computer.
MPIO Music Manager v.1.8 Windows Media Player Plug-In (non UMS)
MPIO Utility Windows Media Player Plug-In (UMS)
Windows Media Player (external link) iTunes Plug-In (OS X)
Real Audio Player iTunes Plug-In (OS 9.x)
Product Support
If you're new to MPIO, let us hold your hand a bit. If you think you're ready for more, these tutorials will help you teach your MPIO player some new tricks.
Basic Advanced Multimedia
Get Started with MPIO Use the FM Station Editor Normalize your MP3's
Install MPIO Manager 2 Make a Custom Startup Logo Creating MP3 From CD's
Product Support