Oct 23 2006     Mpio SE ??? what is this?
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Well what am I talking about

I found out the same way as some of you out there.

Mpio has started manufacturing the FY500 and the FY600 in an SE version.

What is the difference?

have new in the SE:

1. ALi based ALip like the FY700

2. Built in MTP - so you dont need the plug in to transfer DRM protected songs to the unit

3. No need of restoring the system with the Mpio Utility if you format the unit, just format and your done.

4. The screen is whiter and clearer to read

How can you find out what model you have? **** NOTE **** other firmwares wont work on the unit!!!!

1. When the new model turns on it will not spin the MPIO logo insted it will desolve out like photo no 1

The old version will spin like so

2. When looking at the directories the new one will have a CD sign next to the ROOT or the Directory you are in.

The top one in the photo is the old one and the bottom one is the new version (as you can see the screen is much better on the bottom one)

If there are any requests I will GUT both of them :)


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