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by Yeshaib™ | 6070 Views | Rating: (0 rates)
Mpio Products

Some of you might remember an MP3 brand called MPIO, which was known as a Korean brand doing quite well a few years ago in most overseas markets, with some good brand awareness.

This company was facing some financial issues from past years and disappeared from most markets. There was also no news on new product releases that I could remember.

Now, those staff who were working at development and marketing at MPIO have set up a new company called MPIO International which will carry out the business that MPIO has done in the past. It is a separate company from MPIO; MPIO will start a new business with a new company name.

Specifications and names of models have not been released yet, but it surely looks like a speaker from B&O! It's an MP3 player targeted to be used on your desk or table. Look at the picture below.

It might be able to replace your alarm clock on the bedside table or FM radio on your desk. If my guess is correct, it has a hole at the bottom to be used as a tripod as well. Capacity, prices and date of release have not yet been made available.

Let's see how the new entity will go about trying to re-enter the market after such a long silence.


Source - CNET Asia

Jul 09 2007     MPIO ML300: Less is More?
by Yeshaib™ | 8974 Views | Rating: (2 rates)
Mpio Productsmpio-ml300.jpg

Most new players attempt to outclass the previous generation by squeezing in increasingly more features. This does create a competitive market where price is rivaled by the optional extra, but when a color screen for pictures and video, more than enough supported formats, and an excess of memory are completely unnecessary for you, MPIO might hold the answer.

Without trying to achieve more than it should, the ML300 will playback your MP3 and WMA files for 10 hours on a single AAA battery. Besides its seven equaliser presets, FM Radio and recording, the simple monochrome display helps you navigate through your music easily. Once released internationally, the pricing of the 1GB version may be as low as $40

[imp3 via Engadget via Anythingbutipod]

Mpio Products

Hi Gang

I got this unit today just for a very short photo shoot.... I will get one in the next week or so.

Any how this unit that was formally known as the FG300, and is the FG200(Mpio One) Successor.

Mpio want to fight the iPod Nano with this unit but unfortunatly the MG100 will only come in 1/2/4gb Memory size for now.

Retail price - I have no idea right now, I will update in a few days.

Click here to see all the photos in our gallery

Here are some photos that I took a few minuets ago so have fun.


Oct 23 2006     Mpio SE ??? what is this?
by Yeshaib™Rating: (3 rates)
Mpio Products



Well what am I talking about

I found out the same way as some of you out there.

Mpio has started manufacturing the FY500 and the FY600 in an SE version.

What is the difference?

have new in the SE:

1. ALi based ALip like the FY700

2. Built in MTP - so you dont need the plug in to transfer DRM protected songs to the unit

3. No need of restoring the system with the Mpio Utility if you format the unit, just format and your done.

4. The screen is whiter and clearer to read

How can you find out what model you have? **** NOTE **** other firmwares wont work on the unit!!!!

1. When the new model turns on it will not spin the MPIO logo insted it will desolve out like photo no 1

The old version will spin like so

2. When looking at the directories the new one will have a CD sign next to the ROOT or the Directory you are in.

The top one in the photo is the old one and the bottom one is the new version (as you can see the screen is much better on the bottom one)

If there are any requests I will GUT both of them :)


Mpio Productslogo-big
Need I say more?
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